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Daily Offer

Grilled Turkey Burger305 Kč

Juicy burger made with turkey meat, cheddar, and tomato relish, served with fries

Mexican Chilli Tortilla285 Kč

Delicately spiced beef chilli with beans and tomatoes, served with steamed rice

Slow-Roasted Pork Belly with Cabbage and Dumplings255 Kč

Indulge in a perfectly cooked piece of pork belly marinated in home-brewed beer, served with delicate white cabbage and a delicious variety of homemade dumplings. Experience a traditional Czech dish in an irresistible combination of flavors!

Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella225 Kč

Delicate pasta suitable for vegetarians

Smoky Beef Neck with Mashed Potatoes285 Kč

Tender smoked beef neck braised in flavorful red wine, served with roasted root vegetables.

Creamy Pumpkin Risotto with Parmesan Crisps229 Kč

Indulge in a creamy pumpkin risotto topped with crunchy parmesan crisps

Main Dishes

Rump Steak with Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Peppers, Garlic Dip, Peppercorn Sauce495 Kč

Rump steak comes from the most tender part of the beef hind. It has low fat content and is incredibly flavorful.

Pork Cutlet 'Tomahawk' with French Fries and Dijon Sauce325 Kč

The Pork Tomahawk steak is a matured pork cutlet with bone. Enjoy tender pork roast coated in fatty covering, together on pork rib.

Juicy Beef Burger with Cheddar and Bacon325 Kč

Delicious beef burger topped with cheddar, crispy bacon, fries, and tartar sauce

Ribeye steak with onion-pork pie, Viennese onions, and demi glace sauce499 Kč

Juicy beef steak served with a rich demi glace sauce

Grilled Chicken 'SUPREME'265 Kč

Tenderly grilled chicken breast 'SUPREME' served with creamy potato mash and colorful grilled vegetables

Grilled pork tenderloin with sweet and sour sauce315 Kč

Juicy grilled pork tenderloin served with creamy celery purée, sweet and sour plum sauce, and roasted potatoes.

Anín Trout with Crunchy Salads295 Kč

Freshly grilled Anín trout served with delicious leafy salads


Fresh Tomato Salad65 Kč

Refreshing mix of fresh tomatoes with a selection of vegetables and herbs

Cucumber Herb Salad65 Kč

Refreshing combination of cucumbers with herb dressing

Goat Cheese Salad249 Kč

A refreshing blend of leafy salad with goat cheese, red beet, nuts, honey-mustard dressing, served with crispy baguette

Cheesy Mixed Salad149 Kč

A light and refreshing salad packed with vegetables and delicious sheep cheese, a perfect choice for a daily light lunch or refreshing dinner.


Warm Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream119 Kč

Indulge in rich chocolate brownies served with delicious vanilla ice cream that gently melt in your mouth.

Fluffy Pancakes with Blueberry Delight119 Kč

Indulge in our fluffy pancakes served with delightful blueberry jam and whipped cream


Ginger Infused Trout Fillet155 Kč

Delicately baked trout fillet served with refreshing ginger-infused root vegetables, drizzled with delicious light aspic, and accompanied by fresh pastry

Savory Baguette with Goat Cheese155 Kč

Delicious baguette with baked goat cheese, refreshing salad with honey dressing, and radish slices.


Homemade Crispy Fries99 Kč

Deliciously fried classic potato sticks

Tartare Beef Steak319 Kč

Freshly chopped beef steak served with crispy toasted bread, garlic, and the option to add a raw egg for a perfect culinary experience.

Crispy Greaves Spread99 Kč

A delightful spread filled with crispy greaves and refreshing onions, served with fresh bread

Assorted Pickled Cheeses Platter189 Kč

Indulge in a variety of pickled cheeses served with fresh bread and crunchy roasted almonds.


Creamy Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup75 Kč

Indulge in a velvety soup made from Hokkaido pumpkin, served with herb-infused croutons and a dollop of sour cream

Chicken Broth with Liver Dumplings and Noodles75 Kč

Savor a traditional broth with liver dumplings and noodles, reminiscent of home


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